Hi, my name is Kathy Yantiss and I am the owner of Fur and
Leather Creations
, a home based business, located in Alma,
Nebraska, a small town in south central Nebraska,near the
Harlan County Lake.

I work with all types of fur, both new pelts and  recycled ( old
fur coats). I have had my own business  for nearly 12 years.
Previously, I worked for a local furrier for 15 years. While
working at
Haeker Furriers, I made coats , hats, purses,
scarves, blankets, teddy bears, rabbits kittens, dogs, and
probably some stuffed animals I have forgotten about.  We
made coats from all kinds of furs, coyote, beaver, fox,
raccoon,opossum , muskrat, badger, mink. One of the most
challenging furs I remember working with was buffalo, it was
very heavy. A large part of the business was the teddy bears,
they were very popular with young and old.

I keep very busy with many types of sewing. Along with the
fur teddy bears, I also do some alteration work for a furrier in
Texas and do clothing alterations and mending from my
home, which can range from hemming slacks,patching jeans
and replacing zippers to altering Prom dresses and wedding
gowns.  Never a moment of nothing to do around here.
Kathy Yantiss
912 Main St., Alma, NE 68920
Fur and Leather