Do you have a fur
coat or stole that
you would like made
into an adorable
Teddy Bear?
We can help.
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Heirloom teddy bears created and recycled from your old fur coat. A collectible remembrance,
re-purposed from a loved ones fur into a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Give new life to that old fur coat hanging in the closet and surprise children or grandchildren
with a handcrafted, memory teddy bear.

18" jointed teddy bear very reasonable priced at only $100.00 (
extra charge of $30.00 for working
with Mouton fur  or furs , usually fox, styled with wide stripes of leather in pelts which have to be
removed and fur sewn back together before making bear.

If you are a hunter/ trapper and have your own garment tanned pelts, I would be happy to  make
them into a teddy bear or two or three.

If you prefer rabbits/bunnies or kittens, I can make them also, or let me know what animal you

*All my creations are intended as heirlooms and are not recommended as a child's toy.
Mink rabbits/ bunnies from coats
Teddy bear made from raccoon
Fur and Leather
Mink bears  non jointed
Fur and Leather
18"Teddy bear made from mink coat
Made from Raccoon pelts
Made from Bobcat pelts
Teddy bears made from Muskrat coat
14" bunny made from mink stole
Kathy Yantiss
912 Main St., Alma, NE 68920
Don't let that old fur coat hang in the closet,
Re-purpose it into a memory bear!
Collectible, heirloom bears, handcrafted in
Alma, Nebraska USA
14" Teddy bear made from Muskrat coat
14" teddy bear from Mink stole
18" bear from squirrel coat
Cutting a pattern from a mink stole and sewing on the fur machine
Christmas orders for 2021 must
come to me by May 1, 2021